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About me

Acupuncture is the time-tested therapy that has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years. The philosophy behind the treatment is that energy lines or meridians circulate around the body. These meridians contain our energy flow or “qi”. It is when this qi is impaired through the body that imbalance and illness occurs. With the insertion of fine needles at various points on the meridian, the energy can be moved or redirected to where it is needed most. In this way the body's balance can be restored and the illness resolved.


The flow of energy can be disrupted in many ways; emotional upset, physical trauma, poor diet or overwork are all common examples. By examining this underlying cause and how it has affected the body, the most appropriate treatment for the patient can be selected. Treating the patient as an individual is at the core of the acupuncture treatment and it is this that helps allow the body to re-balance itself.


Blocked energy can manifest itself in areas that are painful or are particularly cold or hot, or a different colour. These signs can help determine which points are most suitable.



Aberdeenshire Chiropractic clinic is happy to introduce Esther Marsal to our Oldmeldrum Branch. Esther is an amazing Acupuncturist who has been working succesfully in our Aberdeen clinic for the last year and is now offering the lucky people of Inverurie, Ellon, Oldmeldrum and surrounding regions her award-winning ramge of therapies.


Esther has been practicing Traditional Acupuncture since 2007. She qualified from Acupuncture University In Barcelona and then worked in the prestigious International Acupuncture Training centre in China. On qualifying as an Acupuncturist she worked in the Peadiatric Unit in China where she helped expectant mothers and children with pain. Since then she has moved to the UK and set up her life in beautiful Stonehaven where she has been using her skills in local Health Spas. Thankfully Esther now works with us where she treats a wide range of patients with a variety of complaints such as headache, joint pain, stress, infertility and abdominal pains.


Esther is committed to high standards of care and professionalism and observes strict codes of conduct and safe practice. She is always willing to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have either in person or by phone or email. All enquires and treatments are strictly confidential.

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ACUPUNCTURE CONSULTATION                £60.00

ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT                       £45.00

SHIATSU                                                            £60.00



COMBINATION OF 2 THERAPIES                £60-75.00