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Chiropractic is a primary health-care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, especially related to the spine.


Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. Our clinics in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are here to get you back to normal ASAP.


Apart from manipulation, Chiropractors may use a variety of techniques including ice, heat, ultrasound, exercise and acupuncture as well as advice about posture and lifestyle. We also offer Cranial therapy and specific low force techniques which means we can treat babies and expecting mothers.


Although Chiropractors are best known for treating back and neck pain, which they do very well, patients also consult chiropractors regarding a range of other, related conditions.

Visiting a Chiropractor - What to Expect on your first Visit


When you meet your Chiropractor for the first time, she will start with a discussion about you, your health and your reasons for asking for chiropractic care.


You will be asked for a great deal of information, not just about the pain or complaint that may have brought you to the clinic, but also about your past health history. Some of the questions may appear irrelevant, but they are extremely important to your chiropractor.


To ensure that chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition, Emma or James will need to establish your overall health picture.


If chiropractic appears not to be suitable for you, you will be referred to your GP or relevant specialist.


Your details are confidential. No one else will be allowed to see your notes without your permission.

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