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Mrs Hannelise Bishop, Btech Somatology, Swedish Massage, Reflexologist

Hannelise joined our team in 2014 as she was keen to offer a strong remedial component to our growing clinics in the Aberdeenshire area.


Originally from South Africa, Hannelise has studied and perfected her techniques and has learned many different forms of Complimentary therapy so that she can offer you a tailor-made care plan. Our patients look forward to seeing her and feel absolutely wonderful after their session.


Her relaxation massages are legendary for helping patients like you to unwind and relax. This will also improve your sleep cycle, reduce muscle stiffness and generally keep you feeling like yourself again!

" I visit Hannelise monthly to keep my muscles relaxed and improve my core condition"

What Sort Of Massage Is Available?

Full Back massage

Neck & shoulder massage

Remedial massage

Health & Well-being massage

Therapeutic massage

Sports massage

Lymph drainage massage

Reflexology & Massage combination therapy


Your massage therapist will discuss what suits you best to achieve what you want to achieve.


Massage has been shown to help

Back pain

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Tennis elbow

Knee osteoarthritis


Jaw pain


Sub-clinical depression

Pre-menstrual syndrome

High blood pressure


A more relaxing massage, therapeutic massage gently eases tension from muscles in your back and other parts of your body leaving you feeling as light as feather. Massage lowers levels of stress hormones in the body and helps us cope with busy lives. It also aids circulation and can be helpful for pain relief.

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